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TEPPEI MIKI  -Tokyo Gig Photography-

Born and bread in Japan, I’ve got really stuck into the rich underground music scene in this country for long years. In my young days, I could luckily find out that there were lots of amazing people and fantastic noise in the world of Punk Rock. Everything in basements was so sick to me. It was a nice place for killing time and even as a school of way of life for me.

Much time have passed, and I impulsively decided to shoot awesome bands around me to pack an atmosphere of the venue and save the memory. I got no photography education ever in the past, but I started to learn by imitating my friend photographers. From that time, I’ve been continuing gig-photography mainly based in Tokyo, just as a recording matter of the scene away from the mainstream.

Anyway, I think undoubtedly that I’m nothing as a photographer. I just wanna make people who see my photos feel whole of noise, smell of sweat and hot air full of a venue and know what a cool place it is.

Underground is a king, right?


Peace and love




  • All the photos are licensed under CC BY 4.0
  • You can use any photos as you like with attribution, but please note that the rights of publicity belong to the bands.
  • Great thanks to Hattori (Wotzit) for designing the pretty rat logo.
  • Feel free to get in touch with me!