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STAGNATION “Violent Noize Sunset Beach Party” DVD


昨年10月に配信を担当したStagnationの江ノ島Opparaでの配信ライブがHardcore SurvivesからDVDとしてリリースされます。特典映像付きです!


STAGNATION – “”Violent noize sunset beach party” live at Enoshima Oppa-La DVD (HCS-073)
release on 26th/April  1000yen

Vo:Azusaが敬愛して止まない神奈川県・江の島Oppa-laを舞台に開催された配信ドネーションGIGのライブ映像をDVD化!爽やかな江の島の景観をブチ壊すNOIZE not MUSICの42分間。特典映像としてOppa-La店長・和田剛とのクロストーク・インタビューを収録(対英訳)、25mm缶バッジ2種付き。監修/撮影は昨今の東京ライブ・シーンをクローズアップするTeppei Miki (FYNAL Tokyo)の手腕が存分に発揮されている!


Let’s GO 江ノ島!!

配信のみでは勿体なさすぎる、形に残したい!!と思い、Hardcore Survivesの協力を得てリリースする事になった。Oppa-Laでしか出せない音、風景、熱量、これがStagnationとTeppei Mikiのカメラワークが最高にマッチし奇跡の動画が生み出された。これを観た人は必ず江ノ島、江ノ島Oppa-Laへ足を運んでみたくなるであろう。StagnationのGIGにもね。

Azusa (Stagnation)

Teppei Miki HP :


STAGNATION – “”Violent noize sunset beach party” live at Enoshima Oppa-La DVD (HCS-073)
release on 26th/April  1000yen

Singer of Stagnation/Azusa, he respects much beautiful place Enoshima-island in Kanagawa pre.
There is one of the most important venue called “Enoshima Oppa-La”. This dvd was shot live streaming as donation for them and including cross talk interview with Oppa-La’s manager (english subtitles) in Oct/2020′ and March/2021. destroying wonderful blue beach by 42mins Noize not music! add 1″ buttons x2. Edited by: Teppei Miki (FYNAL Tokyo) who focus current Tokyo live/punk scene.


Let’s go to Enoshima-island!!

This live streaming was shot at Enoshima Oppa-La on 10th/Oct/2020′.
I thought it will be wasted only streaming and wanted to leave something on material.
It realized supporting by Hardcore Survives.
There’re various sound, scene and burning wind that only thing from Oppa-la. Stagnation and editor Miki Teppei’s miracle working on this dvd. If you watch this movie you will certainly go to Island and Oppa-La. and Please come to my several shows too.
also You can watch special cross talk interview with manager of Oppa-La (english subtitles).

Azusa (Stagnation)

Teppei Miki HP :

STAGNATION – Violent Noize Sunset Beach Party at Enoshima OPPA-LA

STAGNATION – Violent Noize Sunset Beach Party –



16:00 Open ~ Guest DJ nAo12xu (13th Moon)
17:00 Live Streaming : STAGNATION

アーカイブ視聴:10/13(火) 23:59まで
チケット購入期間:9/25(金)18:00 – 10/13(火) 21:00

会場:Enoshima OPPA-LA


音響: 松本音響

9/27(日)10:00 受付開始

STAGNATION – Violent Noize Sunset Beach Party –

* All the ticket sales will be donated to OPPALA.

[Date] 10th Oct

16:00(JST) Open ~ Guest DJ nAo12xu (13th Moon)
17:00(JST) Live Streaming : STAGNATION

– Watch the archived video by 13th Oct 23:59 (JST)
– Buy the ticket from 25th Sep 18:00 to 13th Oct 21:00 (JST)

[Venue] Enoshima OPPA-LA

[Movie Shooting] TEPPEI MIKI

[Sound] Matsumoto Onkyo

[Reservation for participation at OPPA-LA] (up to 15):
Reception starts from 27th Sep 10:00 (JST)
mail your name and telephone no to